It’s time to winterize your golf game with Chris Ownbey’s Golf fitness

It’s time to winterize your golf game with Chris Ownbey’s Golf fitness

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Fellow golfer,

Today we are going to talk about the GOOD  of winter for golf.

It’s time to develop a plan to “winterize your golf game.”

Let’s say you booked a cruise to Islands in June.

And you needed to lose 15 lbs to get back in fighting shape. When would you start working on it?

May 15th?

My guess you would develop a plan to exercise, eat cleaner starting 3 months out. shooting for a loss of 1 lb a week or 4 a month to reach your goal in June you would begin in mid Feb.


For many golfers, the off- season golf months are a time to put their clubs in the garage until spring emerges the following year. And it takes them 2 to 3 months to take the rust off.

They gained a couple of pounds, which lead to loss of flexibility, their energy is weak, and a great quote taken from a movie ” your swing feels a broken fold up chair”

However, if you didn’t accomplish your golf goals in 2015, the fall and winter months are a great opportunity to get your game ready for 2016.

As a golf and fitness professional, I see many students in the spring and summer who have a serious problem to fix. Back pain, shoulder pain, weight gain, lack of energy, loss of flexibility, and loss of distance.

For anyone who has played golf and tried to improve their game, they should know that this is not an easy feat.

Where are these players during the winter months? They should be thinking about making those changes now.

When you where in high school you trained in your sport in the off season. And the same in college. Well time pass, you built a business and raised a family. Now, your financially in a position to play more golf, but the mind is willing but the body is unable.

Many players who seek this improvement during the ‘peak’ golf season may find themselves in a fit of frustration as they try to enjoy outings, events or even tournaments.

Instead, dedicate the next 3 months to improving your body and  your game? That way when the warm weather returns, you are ready!

 Schedule a free 30-minute session with Chris!

This free consulting session, is not a sales pitch.
You will share 1-2 challenges with him. He will see if Winterize your golf game will help.

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