Can you use better balance?

Can you use better Balance?


 Just as you cannot expect to fire a cannon from a canoe with any accuracy, you cannot expect to express the strength and power necessary for a long drive, medium iron shot, shot from the rough or chip shot with any accuracy if your body is out of balance.

One of the main ingredients to a truly consistent and repeatable golf swing is having great balance.

The definition of balance-  he ability to maintain control of the body during any physical activity. When we talk about balance in the golf swing, it is the ability of the body to maintain the proper postural alignments and center of gravities required to successfully execute a the golf swing.

It is referenced as an essential must have for a successful swing.  Often times balance is a component solely connected to swing mechanics, ( when the body is going in the same direction at the same time.)  Physically, there is much more to it, but a lot of it has to do with your age, core strength and body.

In order to play your absolute best golf, you must have balance in both a static  and  dynamic  movement .

Static balance is the ability to remain in one position in good postural alignment for an extended period of time.  In golf, we must have good static balance so that we can maintain a consistent posture over the ball at address. If our weight is not centered during address, compensations will lead to inconsistent swings and poor results.

Dynamic balance for golf is the ability to maintain good postural alignment and stability throughout the entire swing.

Good dynamic balance can only be achieved with the proper blend of core strength, flexibility, coordination, and movement awareness throughout the entire body. Improving this awareness is critical for golf to allow the body to swing in a safe, repeatable, and balanced manner.

As we age, we tend to lose our balance, which can only be improved with different types of balance training exercises.

Adding these exercises to your program, will improve your balance.


Russian twist

3 sets of 10 to each side

Increase mobility, stability, strength in your shoulders and hips

Lie supine on P-Ball, extend arms hand together above your chest.

Turn shoulders to the left keeping hips up and horizontal, twist back to start and repeat on right side.

Better Balance for golf with p-ball



Prone cobra

Hold for 10 seconds do 3 sets

The prone Cobra is an excellent exercise for conditioning the postural muscles.

Lie face down, and rest arms to side.  Palms up.

Elevate torso and squeeze shoulder blades together and left palms to the sky.

Head neck and toes should be aligned off the ground.



Balance cannot be taught, it can only be trained.  It is easily understood after understanding the definition of balance. Balance is not a component of your swing, but rather the body.  Your body is responsible for balance in your golf swing, not the other way around. Understanding of this point creates awareness of the fact that improving the balance within your body can improve your golf swing. This is simply accomplished through the implementation of balance training with a golf fitness program. Improve your balance and you will see improvement in your golf swing..

With over 20 years in the golf and fitness industry. Chris Ownbey is more than a Sport Specific Trainer. Chris is a cutting-edge Certified Golf Fitness instructor, golf performance coach and motion training specialist who is ahead of the industry with his Golf fitness Program. In essence, Chris Ownbey’s program will help you obtain  the 3 physical fundamentals needed for golf..

Increased flexibility, improved core stability, better balance, play pain free golf.

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