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For the past twenty years, Chris has dedicated himself to refining golfers’ abilities both on and off the course. As a TPI Golf Performance Fitness Instructor in Dallas. His innovative approach blends golf swing movement patterns with fitness principles. 

Chris’s philosophy is simple yet profound: “Your job is to play golf, my job is to keep you playing golf pain-free for as long as possible.” This commitment to his client’s well-being underscores his approach to golf fitness, ensuring longevity and peak performance.

Ready to elevate your game to new heights? Join Chris’s program today and embark on a journey to unlock your full potential both on and off the course.

TPI Certified golf fitness instructor in Dallas Tx

Established in 2006. Chris Ownbey’s golf fitness instructor in dallas has been getting a lot press because of the impressive results his clients see from the very first session.  It’s a unique approach on helping assess, and determine the underlying physical limitations which have a direct effect on the mechanics of the golf swing. Then implement a golf fitness program that will correct those physically issues that will benefit the student both on and off the course.

  • Rated top trainers in Dallas
  • Seen of Golf Fitness Special Edition on ABC Good Morning Texas. 
  • Golf fitness contributor to Avid Golfer, Texas Golfer, and the Titleist Performance Institute. 
  • Guest speaker at the PGA of America and North Texas golf Expo.

We offer:

Certifications include:

* National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified personal Trainer (NASM).
* Level 1 Golf Fitness Instructor – Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). 
* Level 2 Golf Fitness Instructor – Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Certified Golf Fitness
"Chris Ownbey is the best golf fitness trainer I have ever had. period! I'm fifty! I'm fit! I highly recommend his golf fitness program."
Dr. Ron Blair