Golf fitness-Is your body strong in the right areas for golf?

Golf fitness-Is your body strong in the right areas for golf?

Chris Ownbey’s Golf fitness is taking on new clients for “Winterize your golf game” 

Winterize Your golf game” 

Age group: Men 40 to 75
Private Sessions only
One of the things my students like best about the “Winterize your golf game” is that it is fast
( in and out in 30 minutes)
joint -friendly  and  results guaranteed  -FAST- 
   What to expect:
             * Improved flexibility
  * Stronger Core
    * More Strength
*Weight loss
    * Better Balance
* More Energy
              * Eliminate Back Pain 
* More distance and consistency off the tee
Quick Textimonial  from Jerry Hooper instant results:
(We’ll excuse the typos – I think he was just excited!) 
I’ll let you in on a little secret here: MOST golf instructors only give you half of the tools you need to succeed. 
Sure, they’ll teach you golf techniques, which are important, but the other half that you absolutely cannot ignore if you want to truly be successful is…
See, I’ve discovered golf specific drills, exercises, and techniques that not only increase your overall health and fitness, and also drastically improve your golf game!
Students of mine (many over 50!) are now walking courses they couldn’t walk before, some for the first time in decades are even playing PAIN FREE GOLF!
I’m convinced that after signing up  for

“Winterize your golf game”

 you can get these same results.
Because the bottom line is, no matter how good your swing technique is, if the body behind the swing isn’t in shape – your golf score suffers.

 Golf fitness-Is your body strong in the right areas for golf?

 I was in shape, but Chris Ownbey got me in golf shape

Click on video

Choosing a program that is specific to golf, increase flexibility, improve distance, lose a little around the middle, develop a simple, consistent golf swing is hard to find. So to make sure you get the most help right from the start…

Please take just a minute and let me know what area  you’re most urgently looking for improvement in by clicking on the link below.

As you know, my passion is to help golfers simplify their swing and  lower their scores to play better and enjoy golf more.

If I had developed a swing that is simple and consistent, would you be interested in learning more about this 3 Inch Swing? 

Interested in the ” Winterize Your golf game”  click the link below and let me know.

Daily Dose Of Inspiration
The primary ingredient for progress is optimism.
The unwavering belief that something can be better
drives the human race forward.
Talk soon,
Healthy body = Better Game!
Chris Ownbey
The Golf Fitness guy

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