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Chris Ownbey is a fitness expert, personal trainer, and owner and operator of a private training studio in North Dallas, Texas. He serves 9-15 clients every day and his focus is primarily on 30-minute functional training sessions for men. Chris’s clientele is a mix of business professionals, medical doctors and golf enthusiasts. He aims consistently to help his clients develop a healthy lifestyle, working hard to turn back the clock.

Receiving praise from many of his clients, Dr. Ron Blair claims

“Chris is the best trainer I’ve ever had.”

Another client has expressed overwhelming gratitude for Chris’ assistance in training for the U.S Senior Open. Many clients claim enthusiastically that Chris has brought youth and vitality back into their lives and often continue training with Chris even after their personal and short-term goals
have been met.

Chris can help empower you to feel better, have more energy, increase your muscle mass, lose body fat and turn back the clock!

Men, As a man gets older, we produce less testosterone. It’s the loss of this essential hormone that makes men lose their edge and feel much older than they should.

• Decrease in Energy

• Loss of Muscle Tone

• More Body Fat

Let me introduce you to Terry Waters, a former college wrestler and baseball player, who loved working out.

He got real pleasure out of pushing himself to his limits at the gym, and he liked the feeling of being physically tired afterwards, but he also liked the good feelings he got from taking proper
care of his body.

He assumed that regular physical activity and the health benefits it provided would always be a part of his life.

Then came marriage, three kids, a demanding job as a software engineer in Dallas — and a thousand and one excuses not to make it to the gym. “For a little while, you convince yourself
you’re still in pretty good shape,

” Waters remembers. “Sure, you’re a few pounds heavier. Sure, your blood pressure’s a few points higher.

But you’re still pretty healthy, right?”

Well, maybe not. By the time he hit 40, Waters was twenty pounds heavier than he’d been in college. His blood pressure was nudging up into the danger zone, and his cholesterol level was on the borderline of being worrisome.

His father, who was 67, was on medication for both high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Two years earlier, his father had been rushed to the hospital for heart bypass surgery after suddenly becoming short of breath one day while on a bike ride.

“I saw what had happened to my father and, believe me, I didn’t want to go there if I could avoid it,” says Waters.

He decided it was time to get back to take action.

A lot of middle-aged men like Terry Waters understand the dilemma. As family and work life become more demanding. Exercise begins to fall lower down on the list of priorities.

Sure, you know it’s important. But when the lawn needs mowing and the kids need attention, it’s harder to justify going into the gym for a good workout.

Eventually, it’s easy to think, “Why bother?”

Why? For one very good reason. Strength training and staying active throughout your life is the single most powerful way to boost your testosterone.

Get the libido back, have more energy, increase your muscle mass. loss body fat and feel like your in your 20’s again. Most importantly you will live long enough to enjoy your family and
all the things you’ve worked so hard for.

The results are proven. I’ve made it very simple to get in touch. Click on the calendar, pick a time which fits your schedule. And we will call you back in 5 minutes. Or Email me directly

Text or call 214-457-9684

I look forward to hearing from you

To Your Health,

Chris Ownbey
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