Add distance and consistency in your golf swing

Add  distance and consistency in your golf swing

Chris Ownbey here again,

Add  distance and consistency in your golf swing

As you are beginning to learn, my passion is to help golfers increase their flexibility and lower their scores to play better and enjoy golf more.

This can all be achieved through the PROPER fitness techniques that I’ve learned and developed over the past 20 years by training countless number of pro’s and amateur golfers.

One of the most powerful lessons I want you to learn is that all the techniques I’m going to teach you are one thing:


Add  distance and consistency in your golf swing

They are not complicated – they just haven’t been taught. Stop trying to figure it out on your own, I’ve already done the hard work and I’m going to pass my knowledge onto you!

Watch this quick video below and you will be SHOCKED at how this one simple concept will give you a more consistent and increased distance in your golf swing.

Here’s the video:

Click here

AFTER watching video, reply to this email
and let me know what physical issues you may have or golf issues you’ve been dealing with, and WHY you think that is?
I’ll read every single one of them

​Healthy Body = Better Game!

Chris Ownbey

CGFI Instructor

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Add  distance and consistency in your golf swing

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