Golf fitness stretch for a bigger shoulder turn

Golf fitness stretch for a bigger shoulder turn


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This weeks question comes from Ron.
” Chris,
I am 62 years old, and have lost distance off the tee. My upper back is tight, and I am not able to make a complete shoulder turn.
Do you have a exercise to increase the  flexibility in my upper back to increase my shoulder turn?”
Grap your 6 Iron, click on the pic and let’s get started.

How can you develop the most efficient golf swing? That’s probably a question that almost all of us want to know.

We all have certain physical capabilities. Golf requires flexibility in all parts of the body. Tight muscles restrict and slow down the motion needed to effectively swing the golf club and as we age. Muscles aren’t as naturally flexible as they were in earlier years. That means golfers must work harder just to maintain the same level of flexibility they had in their younger days.

If your pro tells you to make a big shoulder turn and you can’t… what does he tell you next? I can tell you it’s to make some kind of “compensation” in your swing to make that shoulder turn. The result is less power, more mishits.

Making a proper shoulder turn is impossible if your shoulder muscles, chest muscles, upper back muscles are too tight. The backswing is a turn of the upper body (thoracic) around the lower body (lumbar region). Increased thoracic mobility makes the proper turn possible.

Try these simple stretches and improve your shoulder turn and your game:


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