How one of my students played the NUMBER 2 Golf Course in the world and hit his best round ever

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How one of my students played the NUMBER 2 Golf Course in the world and hit his best round ever

is there something in your life that makes you feel GREAT?
Something that just truly gets you excited and passionate at your core?
For me, it’s getting texts like this one:
I got this from one of my Golf Fitness students Jeff.
We had been working together for a relatively short period of time, and after doing an full performance evaluation of Jeff’s overall game, we were able to implement a simple Golf Fitness program that increased Jeff’s stamina and flexibility – WHICH IS THE KEY to a strong, consistent golf game.
As I teach in my online course, Jeff began to do the proper, golf-specific warm ups, motion drills, and driving strategies that finally got him the results he has been after for all these years.
Some of my clients have been taking golf lessons for decades with little results simply because they are not being taught the specific fitness routines that are designed to take your golf game to the next level.
Technique and skill are important,  but as we’ve all learned the hard way, if your flexibility and stamina aren’t up, then your golf game will always fall flat.
In tomorrow’s email I’m giving you the 4 power moves that lower your score, by working your core.
(They increase your flexibility and stamina so you’ll want to start implementing them immediately)
P.S. Do me a quick favor – I want to know what you’re struggling with. Reply to this email and let me know where you need improvement. Could be stamina, longer drives, flexibility…anything! I promise I’ll read and reply to all of them.
Talk soon,
Chris Ownbey
The Golf Fitness Guy

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