How to Stop Early Extension in your Golf Swing

How to stop early early extension in your golf swing

Early Extension in your golf swing

Fellow Golfer,

Most mechanical taught terms are the direct effect of the original cause of early extension. Until we fix this incorrect biomechanical movement, the other effects will only have a bandage on them.

Unfortunately, one cannot learn this movement by simply watching a video.

This movement pattern needs to be recreated and can only be done in person.

What I can show you is so simple and effective and I am confident you can eliminate your early extension, that it comes with a 100% guarantee.

If together we can not correct early extension and stop, casting, cupping , scooping, chicken winging, pulling and blocking, our time will cost you nothing.

Again, this may sound too good to be true, and we have been taught that, if it sounds too good… you know what I mean.

This might frustrate you because it seems so simple and obvious.

you can and you WILL stop early extension ….guaranteed!

Let me know if you would like to eliminate early extension forever.

And we can set a time to get started.

Healthy Body = Healthy Game!

Chris Ownbey

214 457 9684

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