Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas Tx​

Golf fitness trainer in Dallas Tx

In 2006, I earned my TPI certification, paving the way as one of the first fitness trainers to do so. The very next year, I joined the team at Highlands Performance Golf Center, igniting a passion for blending fitness with golf. My journey as a trainer spans more than half my life, encompassing diverse modalities like powerlifting, bodybuilding, mixed martial arts, and golf.

It all started with a chance encounter with George Lopez at the Improv Comedy Club in Dallas, where he introduced me to the world of golf. Inspired by this newfound passion, I approached the team at Highlands with a vision for a comprehensive approach to golf performance encompassing instruction, club fitting, and fitness. They embraced the idea wholeheartedly, and I set out to create a dedicated space tailored specifically for golf fitness.

From the outset, I believed that to truly make an impact on golfers, one must understand the game intimately. Thus, alongside honing my expertise in fitness, I delved deep into the nuances of golf, striving to marry the two disciplines seamlessly to enhance our clients’ performance on the course.

Specializing in working with men over 50, particularly business executives and avid golfers, has been my niche. These individuals, driven and determined, find solace and progress in our 600 square foot haven. I empower them to reignite their passion for fitness, thereby improving both their physical well-being and their golf game.

My approach begins with a meticulous assessment of each client’s kinetic chain, followed by a detailed analysis of their golf swing using cutting-edge technology. Armed with this data, we embark on a tailored fitness regimen aimed at enhancing movement patterns and optimizing performance. Our sessions, compact yet effective, consist of pre-stretching, a focused workout, and post-stretching, all within a 30-minute timeframe.

The success of our program is evident in the high retention rate among clients, many of whom continue their journey with me on a retainer basis. As we witness tangible results, the desire for ongoing improvement only grows stronger.

Collaboration is key, and I work closely with PGA Professionals to ensure a holistic approach to golf fitness training. By aligning our efforts, we provide clients with a comprehensive toolkit for success both on and off the course.

My location at Highlands Performance Golf Center serves as a hub for clients from various golf facilities across Dallas, offering unparalleled accessibility and convenience. This symbiotic relationship, now spanning 16 years, continues to thrive, benefiting both my clients and my business as a whole.

I am Chris Ownbey, a Certified Golf Fitness Trainer at Highlands Performance Golf Center in Dallas, Texas, dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential on the golf course and beyond.

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