Winterize your golf game with golf fitness

A golf fitness 6 month program

As a golf performance coach, my ultimate goal is to improve your golf game using my many years of experience. As a certified golf fitness expert through the Titleist Performance Institute, my job is to assess your body, and to identify the one or two segments that are costing you both distance and accuracy in your golf swing.

These body segments typically relate to your flexibility, balance, and the lack of core strength to make the turn to allow the timing and acceleration through the ball, and as part of my service, I will develop a program specifically tailored to addressing those physical limitations.

Each program that I design is tailored to my golf client’s individual requirements, the foundation of which is built up four elements: core strength, flexibility, physical literacy and balance.

To begin with, we’ll start with the golf fitness assessment.
– one for your physical status, and the other for your golf swing – so that I can understand where we are starting from. Based on the results from these two sessions, I will then put together a six month ‘ramp’ program to take you up a level in the physical skills that you bring to your golf swing.

At the end of the six month program, we’ll carry out another pair of assessments and write a detailed writing report on what I find, which will be shared with you, and you can use this to decide whether you want to achieve an even better swing by moving onto the next phase of your skills improvement.

To learn more about the program, the assessments, and the results that I have helped others achieve, please go to my web site

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