Golf is a Sport, Prepare for it

Golf is a Sport, prepare for it

Most dedicated athletes stay in top physical condition the year-round.  Professional golfers on all tours have jumped on the “physical fitness bandwagon” ever since Tiger Woods burst on the scene. At professional tournaments, there are an average of (?) physical fitness trailers available for golfers before and after each round. Gary Player was the first to promote physical fitness in golf, but he was certainly the exception rather than the rule.  Because of the emphasis on physical fitness for all players, no single golfer dominates any professional tour today.

Golf is a sport, your an athlete, so act like one

Prepare your body for the upcoming Spring.  Perhaps your biggest challenge to getting into shape is loss of flexibility, low stamina,  neck  or back problems, or a combination of these.  Any or all of these maladies can hurt your game.

This is the time to get your body in condition for Springtime golf!

Imagine having that competitive edge on your playing partners.  You will be the one collecting the “skins” money, and have the lowest handicap.  All it takes is a commitment from you  to be in the best shape of your life!

When your body is fitter, stronger, and more flexible, your swing will improve and your scores will be lower. 

Lower scores is the whole purpose of becoming more “golf-fit”.

What would it mean to you to be the longest hitter in your group.

What would it mean to you always being last to hit your approach shot.

What would it mean to  play 18 to 27 holes with “the guys” and not being totally drained of energy after the day.  Those are the thoughts you can have this winter, while preparing your body for the upcoming season.

The hardest part is getting started.    For the serious golfer, you may want to seek out a Certified Golf Fitness Instructor, who understands how the muscles work that have a direct affect on your golf swing.  General fitness trainers certainly have a purpose…but, you wouldn’t go to a 7-11 Store for a fur coat, would you?

Don’t let this winter go by without getting your body “Fit for Golf”!

30 minutes a day, 3 days per week of golf-specific training, will dramatically improve your flexibility,

core strength and health, life, and game.  Not much of a sacrifice, is it?

I’m here, when your ready!

Golf Fitness Instructor Chris Ownbey is Certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), and is the Director of Golf Fitness for Golden Bear Golf Center at the Highlands in Carrollton, TX.  He is author and producer of the DVD “Golf Fit at 50”, and the DVD series System 4-15G.  He will help you develop the flexibility, balance, strength , and power you need to improve your golf swing..  For questions, please call 214.457.9684, or visit on the Web

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