Golf Fitness Program in Dallas, TX.

Golf Fitness Program in Dallas, TX

Chris Ownbey golf fitness TPI Certified Golf Fitness Expert Introduces 30 and 60-minute Golf Fitness Program in Dallas, TX.

20 years in the golf and fitness industry. Chris Ownbey will help you improve your golf game.

A TPI golf fitness program will help you achieve better flexibility, balance, core strength, and endurance.

“My job is to help golfers get into the position their golf instructors are asking them to get into,”

Golf Fitness Program in Dallas, TX

Players are placed through a golf fitness assessment. The assessment consists of 12 golf specific tests that focus on your body’s ability to be flexible, mobile, stable and balanced in the golf swing.
The screening will not only tell you why you swing the club the way you do but how to fix it through golf specific exercises.

Chris Ownbey offers both 30-minute golf fitness programs and 60-minute coaching.

Looking to get into golf shape, give Chris Ownbey a call.

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