Golf fitness Dallas Tx

Golf fitness Dallas Tx

gregory mclane

I have been working with Chris for about 3 months. I am down 19 lbs, and my resting heart rate is 53, down from 68 a year ago with a BP of 114 over 70. He has been getting me ready for a week-long hike in the Sierras with college buddies from the class of ’72. And his help with my golf swing has made a huge improvement, too.

Jim Foster

After two neck surgeries, I had not played golf in ten years. My goal was to get back on the golf course and play at Pebble Beach again. Chris improved my flexibility and core strength along with fixing my ugly swing and within a year I played five rounds in six days at Pebble! I could not have done it without Chris Ownbey.


Golf fitness Dallas Tx

Mark W

I began working out with Chris about 2 years ago. I was ready to give up golf because of chronic back and shoulder pain. A friend of mine got fed up with me declining invitations to golf every week and made me meet Chris. He did the TPI golf fitness assessment and offered a plan to strengthen the areas that were causing me pain.

Within a month I was swinging a club again. After 3 months I was able to play around a week. After 6 months of working with Chris, I went on a golf vacation and played 11 rounds in 10 days without pain. I look forward to my workouts with Chris every week to keep me strong.

Jeeping Levens

Chris has the rare ability to address fitness challenges that help with your golf game. While getting in better shape physically, your swing will get in far better shape. You may be playing your best golf in your 60’s and 70’s.

Austin Anderson

Chris has a depth of knowledge and experience that you simply can’t find anywhere else. He’s endlessly positive, supremely helpful and always pushes me to be my best. Chris has completely transformed my body and given me confidence that I can continue to play at a high level for as long as I’d like to. GO SEE CHRIS!!!!

Conrad Petersen

Chris does a great job customizing the workouts to meet your goals. You will get results and enjoy the experience!

Daniel An

Chris is very kind, helpful, funny, and just overall has a great personality. When I first started I was nervous because I have never been to a fitness lesson before but when I met Chris he was nice and hardworking at the same time. I would recommend his golf fitness to anyone who is trying to get better in golf body shape.

Golf fitness Dallas Tx

Jeffrey Duryea

Chris does a great job of tailoring a comprehensive program of fitness. I have had great improvement in my golf game since I started with Chris, and plan to keep going!


Tony & Susan W

Chris is helping me improve my strength and flexibility for golf. He is also helping me with my overall fitness and posture

Joe Zielinski

I would not go to any general fitness trainer ever again.
Chris understands how to train the muscles needed to make a consistent golf swing.

I highly recommend this golf fitness program. He has helped me with my back pain, adding more yards to my drives, and increased my flexibility.

Golf fitness Dallas Tx Testimonials


Rusty Ryden

Fit 2 Score 

With a combination of motion training reinforced with fitness drills, Chris put 20 yards on my drive at age 65. The best golf coach I have ever had.


Kevin Mckenna

Chris has not only helped my golf game but also my life.
His guidance on core strength training has been instrumental in improving my back and posture.
I truly feel fitter and stronger than I have felt in years.
Thanks, Chris!


Chris Ownbey Golf fitness in Dallas


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