Fellow Golfers MEET BOB,

A business executive, who enjoys the game of golf. Bob financially, is in the position to play more golf, but found himself 10 to 15 lbs overweight and physically starting to break down. Bob realized that one of the first parts of his game to go was his drive. Once he turned 50 years old, his drive became a lot shorter, in spite of the fact that he had been playing for years. His friends mentioned to him that golf fitness in Dallas tx might actually help him get some of his distance back, but he wasn’t sure. What exactly are the benefits of this type of program?

– There are several different aspects to any fitness program that you must keep in mind if you want to complete success, and they are:

  1. strength
  2. and muscle endurance. As we get older (seasoned) we tend to lose one of these.

Bob started working on his fitness for golf two times a week for several weeks and then realized that he was able to get a bigger shoulder turn and as a result, Bob was hitting the ball further off the tee than ever before. But what was even more important to him was the fact that he didn’t get tired during the round of golf, and his back no longer hurt after the round or the day after hitting a bucket of balls on the range.

Looking to improve on the course for better golf.  Your fitness level will play a big part in this. Golf fitness in Dallas Tx gives us the incentive to work out with a purpose that will translate to better on-course play.

Golf fitness in Dallas Tx is a golf program that is a great incentive to not only get yourself in better health and overall shape but also to strengthen your golf game.

Today, you will notice that many of the golfers on the professional tour these days have their own trainers, or at the very least, they work out in the gym on a regular basis.

– Golf fitness in Dallas Tx. A fitness program for golf is also a great way to help you stay in golf shape for much longer in your life.


If you really love golf, as Bob does, and want to keep playing well into your retirement years, then getting in golf shape related to your sport is the best way to make sure that can happen. It will also help prevent you from getting injured, which means more rounds, longer play, pain-free play, and lower scores.


Golf fitness In Dallas Tx

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