How Lexi Thompson Out Drives a 300 lb Defensive Lineman

Have you ever wondered how someone like Lexi can out drive a 300 lb lineman?

The answer is not how close your swing resembles Ernie Els or Tiger Woods on camera, the answer is the efficiency of your swing compared to the best players in the world. In other words, there are a lot of ugly golf swings on the PGA Tour but they all seem to get the job done. The question you should be asking yourself is “How can i make my golf swing get the job done?”

Using collected data from 3-D motion analysis system; we can look at how golfers generate speed and transfer the speed or energy throughout their bodies. The experts at TPI have found the efficient sequence of how tour players get this speed to the club head. They call this the “Kinematic Sequence”

The amazing this is that all great ball striker’s have the SAME “Kinematic

Sequence” of generating speed and transferring speed throughout their bodies. If you compare Ernie’s kinematic sequence to Jim Furyk’s sequence, its hard to show the difference . That is a bold statement since there is an obvious difference by the visual eye. Listen Carefully:

All Great Ball strikers begin by generating speed from their lower body and transferring that speed through their torso into their arms then the club. What style they use to complete this signature “Kinematic Sequence” is completely unique to each player.

The points to know about kinematic sequence are the following.

  1. There is an identical sequence of speed or energy generation for all great ball strikers on the downswing . That sequence is lower body (first), thorax second, lead arm third and the club shaft last.
  2. Each segment of the body builds on the previous segment,increasing speed up the chain.
  3. Each segment of the chain slows down as the next segment continues to accelerate.
  4. Unorthodox styles may have no effect on your ability to generate a good Kinematic Sequence. In other words, Furyk, Love can have the Same Kinematic sequence.ciency Breakdowns

Three things lead to efficiency Breakdowns:

  • Poor Mechanics- Use video swing analysis to isolate mechanical breakdowns.
  • Poor Conditioning – Use Physical Screen to isolate any limitations in the body.
  • Poor Equipment – Use club fitting to determine the best specifications for the player.

Keto Ball Striking

  • Good Kinematic Sequence- This is the key to consistency and accuracy.
  • Good Segmental Stabilization- This the key to power
  • Center Face, Square Face Contact

If you don’t Test, it is just a Guess!

Improve your body and improve you golf game.

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Healthy Body = Better Game

Chris Ownbey

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