You’re getting older and need flexibility. Period

Youre getting older and need flexibility. Period

AS I am getting older. I’m realizing I need to work on my flexibility and mobility training every day.

Golf-specific workouts are designed differently than general fitness workouts and the exercises I have clients perform will produce greater flexibility. 

Here are the top five benefits:

  • Improved Turn
  • Increased Balance
  • Increased Endurance
  • Increased Power
  • Better Overall Health

1. Improved Turn – proper coiling of the body and the ability to make a complete turn will produce your maximum distance. Flexibility exercises as a part of your golf fitness regimen help stretch and strengthen your muscles to achieve a complete backswing and produce more distance off the tee box. 

2. Increased Balance – Golf fitness helps you develop balance on your feet and enhances your ability to stand on one foot for a longer period (a key component of the swing finish). Increased Balance is a skill that can be acquired through practice. Balance training leads to increased flexibility and the ability to stay in control, for a more consistent golf swing. 

3. Increased Endurance – Increased flexibility requires less energy per swing, allowing you to stay more physically and mentally fresh. Four to five-hour rounds will not take the physical toll on you as they once did. Endurance training as part of your golf fitness program focuses on stamina exercises using multiple reps with light resistance. 


4. Increased Power – Strength and power conditioning help increase clubhead speed. Greater swing speed combined with greater “Smash Factor” (the ability to hit the ball squarely in the clubface) produces greater distance. Golf fitness focuses on transferring power through your lower body and core, which is built through golf fitness conditioning. 


5. Better Overall Health – Stiffness, soreness, and pain can be minimized, even eliminated through a proper golf fitness routine. Typical golf injuries of the shoulders, knees, back, or wrists can be avoided. A golf-specific flexibility and strength program can improve your overall health, improve your golf game, and improve your life.


   Key point: Flexibility cannot be taught, it can only be trained. Understanding this key point lets you know the importance of increased flexibility in your body to improve your golf game and overall health.

To better enjoy the great game of golf, it is to your advantage to enroll in a golf-specific fitness program, visit  Chrisownbey for a certified golf-specific trainer in your area to begin your golf fitness training to give you the highest level of flexibility possible. DON’T KEEP PUTTING IT OFF!

Chris Ownbey specializes in 3-D Biomechanics, strength training, flexibility training, motion training, manual therapy, rehabilitation, therapeutic exercises as they relate to golf improvement.

Rated top 20 trainers in Dallas, seen of Golf fitness Special Edition on ABC Good Morning Texas. Golf fitness contributor to Avid Golfer, Texas Golfer, and the Titleist Performance Institute. Guest speaker at the PGA of America and North Texas golf Expo.

Chris Ownbey’s golf fitness has been getting a lot press because of the impressive results his clients see from the very first session…  It’s a unique approach to helping assess, and determine the underlying physical limitations which have a direct effect on the mechanics of the golf swing.

Then implement a golf fitness program that will correct those physical issues that will benefit the student both on and off the course.

In essence, Chris Ownbey’s program is all about obtaining the 3 physical fundamentals needed to make a consistent proper golf swing, flexibility, strength, and balance.

We offer training;

In-studio : Chris Ownbey 

Online: We are offering 3 months with 3 months free on our online training.    Click Here

Call 214-457-9684


TPI Golf fitness assessments

Golf Performance programs for men, women, and Jr’s

Private or small group classes offered

We offer both 30 and 60 Minute workout sessions

Certifications include:

National Academy of Sports Medicine – Certified Personal Trainer (NASM).

Level 1 Golf Fitness Instructor – Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Level 2 Golf Fitness Instructor  – Titleist Performance Institute (TPI).

Chris Ownbey’s Golf Fitness

I help golfers increase their flexibility, increase their core strength, play pain-free golf, and shoot lower scores by employing a unique system that’s very different from traditional golf fitness programs.

Choosing a program that is specific to golf, increases flexibility, improves distance, loses a little around the middle, develops a simple, consistent golf swing is hard to find. So to make sure you get the most help right from the start…

Please take just a minute and let me know what area you’re most urgently looking for improvement in by clicking on the link below.

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Healthy Body = Better Game

Chris Ownbey

“Chris Ownbey is the best golf fitness trainer I have ever had. period!

I’m fifty! I’m fit! I highly recommend his golf fitness program.”

Dr. Ron Blair

Forest Lane Pediatrics LLP

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