Chris Ownbey Fitness Tired of Back Pain? Read on!

The Fitness Corner  Chris Ownbey fitness Tired of back pain

Fellow Golfer,
Today’s tip could change your life! (I know that sounds dramatic but stay with me)

Did you know that over 80% of people suffer from back pain? (Especially us golfers)

Back when I used to fight in the UFC (yes you heard me right!) I suffered from a lower back injury that ended up costing me my career.
So trust me when I say I KNOW YOUR PAIN!!!

Chris Ownbey fitness Tired of back pain
But hey, don’t feel sorry for me, this experience motivated me to become a specialist in back pain relief and I’m very happy to say that today I have NO BACK PAIN WHATSOEVER!
That means it’s possible for you too.  And I’m going to show you how.
I put together this FREE training video that shows you the exact stretches I developed and used to eliminate my back pain altogether. (I wish I would’ve known then, what I know now)
Not being able to do the things you enjoy (like playing with the kids and golf) due to back pain is miserable and frustrating.  Let’s start reducing your back pain today with these quick and simple movements:


AFTER watching the video, reply to this email at

and let me know what physical issues you may have or golf issues you’ve been dealing with, and WHY you think that is?  I’ll read every single one of them.
One more thing. Before you leave head over and pick up your FREE pre round stretching routine.
Free Pre Round Stretching Routine

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