Quick Tip on How To Stop Early Extension on the downswing

Quick Tip on how to stop Early Extension on the downswing

Golfers striving to improve their scores must focus on fundamentals for success. The single most important and most overlooked swing fundamental that could be the couse of you losing power, distance and accuracy is a swing fault known as Thrusting or today’s term -Early Extension.

Is there a relationship between an early extension and your physical limitations? The answer to this question may be your missing link to a great game and to years of enjoyment instead of frustration on the course.

According to the Titleist Performance Institute, Early Extension is defined as:

“Any forward movement (thrust) of the lower body towards the golf ball during the downswing.” 

Players who have this fault also complain of getting their hands “stuck” or “trapped” behind their back hip on the downswing, this is due to the fact that the lower body has moved closer to the golf ball on the downswing. The result can be a block or hook as the hands and arms desperately try to deliver the club to the ball. If you don’t do anything with your hands through impact, you may actually shank some shots because you are closer to the ball then you were at address. And as most players know, having two misses, one to the right and one to the left, can be disastrous in the quest for lower scores.
As a golf fitness professional, It’s my job to discover your physical limitations and show you how to try to correct them.
Physical Limitations that can cause Early Extension:

* General lower body stiffness, joint immobility or muscle imbalance
* Poor Lead Hip Internal Rotation
* Poor separation of upper and lower body
* Inability to control pelvis
* Weak Glute and Core strength

(These limitations all have a direct effect on your downswing and are best evaluated with a Golf fitness Evaluation/Assessment).

Keep in mind the golf club does not perform the mechanics of the golf swing. It is you and your body executing the mechanics of the golf swing together. And for every action, there is a re-action. The point to make here is your body directly affects the mechanics of the golf swing. And no matter what you do in terms of practice or instruction, these alterations will not go away until you address them.


So I have given you a starting point to help correct some physical limitations that could be causing the Early Extension swing fault.  Unfortunately, one cannot learn this movement by simply watching a video.This movement pattern needs to be recreated and can only be done in person.What I can show you is so simple and effective and I am confident you can eliminate your early extension, that it comes with a 100% guarantee.

In fact. I will not even charge you. You will tell me what it is worth to you.

It’s a Win Win for you!

Let me know if you would like to eliminate early extension forever.

And we can set a time to get started.

 Text 214-457-9684

Enter “Stop early Extension”

Healthy Body = Better Game!

Chris Ownbey

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