Golf fitness Exercises and The Three key Benefits Explained

Golf fitness exercises and the three key benefits explained

Golf fitness exercises and the three key benefits explained

How many times have you made the turn into the back nine and felt tired and fatigued. Typically at this point you physically start to break down, you start to lose focus, and your next thought is tee off and hope for the best, and get to the next hole as fast as possible with as little damage as possible.

How does fitness training for golf differ from going to the gym and exercising on the machines?  I’ve seen many programs on the net that say they are golf workouts for golfers. What I usually see is pictures of a guy sitting on a machine in a gym trying to isolate A muscle to make it bigger. This is not considered golf-specific training.  Another thing I see is a strength-only, or a stretching-only program.  If you have read any of my articles in the past, you will know I advocate a combination of both, a balance, equal amount of strength and flexibility together. The golf swing requires both strength and proper flexibility to be able to repeat a sound mechanically swing with power and consistency. Let me explain. The golf swing is considered a static as well as a dynamic movement. That means to get the benefit of fitness training, golfers need to train like a golfer. Since golf involves every major muscle in the body in a sequential pattern of movement, do you think sitting on a machine isolating one muscle group in a “controlled” and “guided” manner will really help your swing? Just like training for any other sport, a golf program should incorporate specific movements for the exact improvements in his or her golf swing..

Golf fitness exercises and the three key benefits explained

Assuming you understand and agree with the concept of physical conditioning for golf, then how do you get started? The answer to this question you must give some honest and open thought to your current level of conditioning. We are looking to create balance here, begin with your weaknesses, not your strengths. Flexibility may be your single biggest issue or just a small portion of the weaknesses. Are you tight?  If so, where?  Are you feeling weak? Do you feel tired?  Maybe stamina is a small issue, yet strength loss could be a major factor.  It could be just one thing or any combination of things that work against your game. Give you an example, now keep in mind, this person is able to play golf 2 times a week, sits in a desk all day, and has not worked out in many years. After three sessions he started asking questions such as…,

“Hey Chris, could this stuff be working already after just a few of workouts?

I know what was happening – but I would ask, “Why, what’s happening with your game?” his response, “The ball seems to be launching off my club head and I’m not swinging any harder than I usually do.”
I would then go on to explain how the combination of both the proper flexibility and strength training specific to golf can bring about such quick results. He actually knew this – that’s why he was coming to me in the first place – but experiencing the change in a short 2 weeks was more change than he had felt in years of golf lessons.

To summarize, the easier and farther your upper body can turn, and the less your lower body turns, the better, more powerful, your swing is…but you need the proper mobility with equal amount of stability to achieve this ….  Period!
Choosing a training program that is specific to the golf swing and induces a transfer of training effect onto the golf course is best.  Develop this type of program and you will see benefits to your body and golf game.

Weight training and working out could be your missing link, if it is done correctly and IS specific to your sport. The wrong choice in the type of training program, exercise selection, could hinder your golf game. Take the right step to be golf specific .

The difference between a general fitness workout program and a workout specific for golf?

Fellow golfers :

  • Looking for a workout program specifically for golf
  • A program that will increase your flexibility
  • A program that will stop the aches and pains
  • A program that will improve your golf game

If Yes, then this golf fitness program is for you.

Get Golf Fit in 3 simple steps:

  1. Click on Questionnaire and complete
  2. Contact me to schedule your golf fitness assessment
  3. Together we develop a plan for you

Healthy Body = Better Game!

Chris Ownbey

Bruce Delaney

“I would not go to general fitness trainer ever again.

Chris understands how to train the muscles needed to make a consistent golf swing.

I highly recommend this golf fitness program?

Bruce Delaney



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