Longer drives, more consistency, best round of my life at Cypress Point

” I finished the week with one of the best days and rounds of my life”…..
Is there something in your life that makes you feel GREAT?
Something that just truly gets you excited and passionate at your core?
For me, it’s getting texts like this one:
I received this from one of my Golf Fitness students Jeff.
Longer drives, more consistency, best round of my life at Cypress Point
We had been working together for a relatively short period of time, and after doing a full performance evaluation of Jeff’s overall game, we were able to implement a simple Golf Fitness program that increased Jeff’s stamina and flexibility – WHICH IS THE KEY to a strong, consistent golf game.
As I teach in my private one on one sessions to local Dallas golfers or away golfers who use my online course, Jeff began to do the proper golf-specific warm ups, core exercises, stretching techniques and  motion drills, that finally got him the results he has been after for all these years.
My specialization is men 50 and over, and they have one thing in common. As they get older, they lose flexibility, they lose distance and play with more aches and pains.
Guys, we are athletes. You trained for your sport in high school and college. You received your degree from a major university and trained your skills to be the best in that industry. Now, you have the time to play more golf.
Now is the time to concentrate on your golf game.
Increased flexibility, improved core strength, better balance, more energy, increased mental focus are just a few physical benefits you WILL experience.
Longer drives, more consistency, lower scores. These are just a few of the benefits you will experience on the course.
Technique and skill are important,  but as we’ve all learned the hard way. If your body is not able, then your golf game will fall flat.
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P.S. Do me a quick favor – I want to know why you’re struggling.
Reply to this email and let me know if you could snap your fingers, what you would change physically.
It could be greater range of motion or  flexibility, more core strength,energy, take off a little around the middle…. anything you can think of.
Now, if you could snap your fingers what would you instantly change in your golf game?
Could be longer distance off the tee, more consistency.
 I promise I’ll read and reply to all of them.
Talk soon,
Chris Ownbey
Your Golf Fitness Guy
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