Your golf success depends on flexibility, core strength and…

Fellow golfers, meet Bob:

Bob’s a business executive who enjoys a good afternoon on the golf course, but found himself 15 lbs overweight and physically weakening. The first thing to go was his distance. At age fifty, his drives became shorter in spite of the fact that he’d been playing for years.

Your golf success depends on flexibility, core strength and physical endurance. As we get older, we tend to lose at least one of these abilities.
Friends suggested he pursue a fitness program to get some of his distance
back, but he wasn’t sure exactly what benefits did these programs offer?

Bob worked on his golf fitness regimen twice a week for a month. Soon, he was able to get a bigger shoulder turn which gave Bob his distance back off the tee box. More important though, he did not get tired after a round of golf and his back no longer hurt after a day on the range.

A golf fitness program is a great way to increase your flexibility, strengthen your core and improve your overall health.

True golf lovers like Bob want to play long into retirement age and a program designed specifically to keep you in golf shape is the best way to make that happen.

Be like Bob! Contact Chris Ownbey, A Titleist Performance Institute golf fitness instructor with over 20 years experience in the golf & fitness industry.

Call 214-457-9684,

Chris has made a BIG difference for me.
I get compliments that I look fit and don’t age.
I don’t have back pain anymore and rarely get sick
We have fun…and yes, my golf swing has definitely improved.
Dave Scullen

I’m fit! I’m fifty! I highly recommend this state-of-the-art golf fitness program.”
Ron Blair, M.D.

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