Developing Proper Technique for fitness Through Golf Fitness

Developing Proper Technique for fitness Through Golf Fitness

Each year millions of dollars are spent each year on golf lessons in the United States alone. Even with this large investment, the average North American handicap has not changed in the past 30 years. We must consider the fact that PGA teaching the golf swing has concentrated on changing only the aesthetic product (movement) without developing the quality of the underlying machine, which can either enhance or inhibit the ability to create movement. Each joint in your body has a range of motion that is specific to you. And golf fitness can help.

The problem is when learning to hit the ball more constantly. Many people try to move into positions that aren’t physically possible because of limitations in range of motion due to age.

Not until the body improves to allow for a greater range of motion and strength will a golfer be able to attain these positions during the golf swing.

What is fitness of golf, and how do you achieve it? Each sport has its specific demands, and golf is NO exception. However, it is much different from the general fitness people who go to the gym to achieve.

The major characteristics that need to be trained for are mobility in the hips and upper thoracic area. Strength in the upper and lower body. And most importantly core strength. Which allows for better balance, body awareness, acceleration and deceleration, and speed.

The order in which these specific components are trained is just as important as the components themselves. The correct progression of exercises provides the most efficient training and diminishes the risk of injury. Training for speed before you have obtained an adequate amount of stability increases the risk of injury.

Remember, the goal of a golf fitness program is to build a solid foundation.

The older you get the more I encourage you to seek the help of a certified golf fitness professional. We have many excellent certified professionals right here in the area.

Golf is a wonderful activity that can contribute to a healthier lifestyle by encouraging both increased physical activity and social interaction. A fitness program specific to golf will not only help increase your enjoyment of the course but will give you an excuse to have a healthier one-off as well. 

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