Try this rotational exercise to increase your core stability for a better golf game

Try this rotational exercise to increase your core stability for a better golf game


The baby boomer generation started the fitness craze.
Today, you see a shift from the overweight, out of shape, medicated boomer. Today they are taking the fitness craze from vanity to longevity,
and taking the time to hire a professional trainer to prepare their bodies for a better game and life.

In developing training activities for these players, I have developed a proven System specifically for golfers.
Now, this is NOT about vanity, this IS about longevity, if you are looking for big bulking biceps, or jumping up and down on the floor,
vanity workouts had their time and their place in your life, not now.
Our System is hip, knee and ankle joint friendly.
We begin with dynamic stretching, move to golf specific movements, then core, balance and stability and we
finish off with static stretching. I even have a secret stretching technique to relieve back and shoulder pain in one session.
( I can explain more on that in person if your interested)

Many seniors have also gained a bit of weight over the years and it is becoming increasingly rare to find those who have not sustained
some type of shoulder, knee, hip or back injury. And we have a team in place to correct these issues so you can play pain free golf as well.

We work all our lives to be in position to play golf, and when that time comes, our body is so broken down, it’s hard to practice,
and play a couple of days a week without aches, pains. Don’t be that guy. I’ve seen guys lose the weight, get off the meds,
eliminate back pain, increase flexibility, and play without pain and it was easier than they expected.
Meet Dave. Executive, fit, 50+ and understands the importance to prepare his body for a better game both on and off the golf course demonstrate
a rotational exercise for greater core strength.

Click here to watch Dave in Action!

Dedicate the next 3 months to improving your body and your game with me.

A program that is specific to golf:
Increase flexibility
More Energy
Lose a little around the middle
Gain distance off the tee
Get the edge on your competition.


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