More Flexibility = More Distance off the Tee

More Flexibility = More Distance off the Tee

Hitting longer drives and more consistency off the tee is the dream of every golfer on the planet! Is there a magic bullet?

I’ll bet your first answer would be: I’ll buy a new driver at $500. NO!

Hit more balls at the range? Not even close.

So, what is the secret of to hitting longer drives off the tee?

To answer this, let us look at two professional athletes:

LPGA teenage sensation Michelle Wie and a 300 lb NFL lineman. Now remember, the NFL lineman is 6’6, tips the scale at 320, and did I mention that he can bench press over 500lbs.?

Is Michelle Wie physically stronger than a NFL football player? Of course not. So then, how can her tee shot travel farther than the NFL player’s best drive on their best day ever? The NFL player has incredible strength, but Michelle Wie has the proper sequence to relish incredible power.

The golf swing is simply storing and releasing energy. Anywhere in the golf swing we release energy, we will lose power and distance. To store energy we must store and release the energy in a proper sequence.  This is what allows Tour players to hit drives that go 300 + yards.

How to load in the golf swing

The mechanics of a golf swing require specific levels of flexibility, core strength, and correct movement patterns to perform this effectively. If your body does not have the ability to get into these positions, then the result will be a less consistent and less-efficient swing.

Now understand, developing flexibility for golf is not performing a simple toe touch stretch. That will not get it done.

You must develop flexibility in the areas of the body which should be mobile and have the stability in parts of the body, which should be stable, without it, you will have compensation. It’s that simple..

The bottom line is that improved flexibility, increased core strength and proper movement patterns will allow your body to get into the positions you need to increase your clubhead speed, add distance and accuracy off the tee and lower your scores, and the best thing is, getting started in a golf fitness program is easier than you think.

Chris Ownbey is the best golf fitness trainer i have ever had. period!
I’m fifty! I’m fit! I highly recommend his golf fitness program.
Dr. Ron Blair

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