Golf Fitness pre round stretching routine

Golf Fitness pre round stretching routine
It’s Time to get Specific         Golf Fitness Specific
The results are in! You have diagnosed your physical limitations from the previous month’s TPI physical tests,
and now it is time to get you started. And if you think it’s too late…I’ve personally seen golfers improve their strength AND flexibility
into their 80’s! Are you 80 yet? If not, get off the couch and get started. The sooner you start…the sooner you’ll see results on and off
the course.
Your body is your most valuable piece of golf equipment.
No equipment breakthroughs, no magical flying golf balls, no electrically charged bracelets will take the place of what a proper Golf Fitness
Program can and will do for your game. How many times have you made the turn onto the back nine and felt tired and fatigued. Typically,
at this point, you physically start to break down, you start to lose focus, and your next thought is tee off and hope for the best.
Get to the next hole as fast as possible with as little score damage as possible.
Golf training vs. regular gym training
How does training for golf differ from going to the gym and exercising on the machines?
Golf Fitness pre round stretching routine
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And here for your FREE golf Fitness workout you should do before your round or tournament.

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Warm up with a golf specific stretch before your first round with Golf Fitness Girl of the month.
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