Dalton McCrary. Golf Instructor. #1 Golf Instructional Video sold worldwide on TV

Dalton McCrary A golf instructor.

My name is Dalton McCrary. I’m a golf instructor. I had the #1 Golf Instructional Video sold worldwide on TV.


Yea I played most sports growing up but never really considered myself an “Athlete” although I keep it pretty good shape mostly by keeping very active.  Teaching golfers, you spend all day long on your feet swinging. You don’t eat on a schedule, you snack all day long in-between lessons. You don’t or I didn’t drink a lot of water as I drank Dr. Pepper with peanuts to curb my appetite & give me quick sugar rush energy.

It was fine when I was in my 30’s and 40’s but that habit continued into to my 50’s & 60’s and took it toll on my body slowly but surely. Then I got injured, fell & popped my shoulder out of the socket that took two years to heal while having my right elbow tied to my waist. During that time sitting and doing literally nothing, I started to gain weight. Went from 180 to 200 then 215 then 230 as I say around and ate cookies and cakes and Lemon Crest Pies And Oh my God Mexican Food with homemade Tortillas. I packed on the pounds.

Then I had to go to the Doctor to get an OK to have Cataract Surgery and found out I was close to being in a Diabetic Coma as my blood sugar numbers were spiking 700. Before I knew it ‘Diabetes’ flat ate my body up as I dropped 50 pounds in 100 days. This was horrible, it wasn’t the weight I lost, NO, I lost muscle mass. My arms got sagging skin. I looked terrible and was weak, physically weak. I can hit a strong 9 iron 150 yards and now I had to hit a 6 iron I was so weak. I really could not believe it.


Diabetes did that to me in less than 6 months. Took me a 18 months to get my Diabetes under control. I did not have enough energy to walk to the range and hit 50 balls and walk back to the car. Once I did my appetite came back and all I wanted to do was ‘EAT’. I thought if I gained weight I’d lose the excess skin. I cut out sugar, soft drinks but not Mexican Food. I ate Tortillas morning, noon and night. It did not take me 6 months to balloon back to 230. The excess skin was gone but my energy level was not there and weight did not help get my strength back.

I’m trying to hit golf balls but I got no strength at all. I’m thinking it my swing — I was in denial —. TOTALLY IN DENIAL.

Ross Henry with Henry-Griffitts Precision Clubs fit me. He came to town. I was looking forward to him helping me with my swing. We went to the range, I hit a few ball and Ross said, “Well damn Dalton, why don’t you stand up tall like you were when I fit you?” Well damn, I can’t I got too much belly to stand up. “Well”, Ross said, “You aren’t going to play good golf from that position it’s not natural for your tall body. You stretch out that far and your swing is just too flat for your body to move smoothly.” I did not realize I’d moved out 4 golf balls further than when I was fit.

Now where I hit balls at the Highland Golf Center. As you walk out the back to the range, on the right, there’s this Golf Fitness Trainer. Chris Ownby’s Fitness Coaching Center. I’ve known Chris for years. He’s asked me several times, Dalton, let me help you!. We speak and wave at each other as I go in and out. —– OK, so what a stupid I was. I got someone willing to help me and I’m walking by with blinders on.

A few days after Chris stopped me again, The next morning I saw a post from Chris that caught my attention. An hour later as I’m stepping out of the shower I looked in the mirror and well, where did that tiny butt I always had go. I’ve got a fat ass. I’m fat, my damn thighs are rubbing together when I walk. THAT’S IT, That’s when I stepped on the scales and it hit 230 without cloths. Called Chris and said, —— HELP ME, I CAN’T DO THIS ON MY OWN. All he said was, ‘Come on”.

So we sat down and he did an evaluation on me, what I wanted to accomplish, where I wanted to go, checked out what my limitations were with my lack of energy, strength and working a program around the limitations of my hurt right shoulder and more importantly he wanted to know if I was willing to do what he asked me to do. YEP, I’M ALL YOURS LETS DO IT.

I have golfers come to me for my knowledge of the golf swing. I’ve always been the one doing the helping you know. I have to admit it wasn’t easy for me to ask for help. But, I could not do this on my own I flat did not know how to even begin to get myself back it shape. Besides the program, the audio going on to help me know how long each exercise was as it stated Go, Halfway, Stop — Rest for 15 seconds, Ready, Go, Half Way there, Stop. Chris for the first two weeks did all the exercises with me. Showing me exactly how to do them right to get the most out of each one. That was just such a motivation for me.

The program Chris has is perfectly designed for us older guys (I’m 70) who use to be active and have just fallen into that rut we get into as we get older. Chrisownbey has the ladder you need help you climb out of that rut in It’s just 30 minutes a day guys. These exercises are just 20 seconds each. Four different exercises done twice is a complete round. At first 20 seconds on some of these ‘CORE EXERCISES’ will take your breath away & having you completely out of breath. That also surprised me but made me realize just how out of shape I had fallen.

After “One Round” you have a 90-second rest then start ‘Round Two” which consists of 4 different exercises again done twice each for 20 seconds. One round with being ‘Core” One round “Stretching”, One Round upper body. One Round Leg. But the Core is the Key guys. That’s what keeps your body stabilized. That’s what allows you to get up off the couch without getting your feet under you first. It allows you to stand up out of a chair without having to put your hands on your knees to do so. ————- CAN YOU DIG IT? I KNEW THAT YOU COULD.


Going to the Gym with all the exercises that are designed to ‘TOTALLY ISOLATE’ muscles is only for the young who want to have as Chris calls it “THE PRETTY MUSCLES”. This is not the best avenue for us older guys that just want to be in the best physical shape we can be in to enjoy a full life as we get older and older.

Chris used a lot of WORKOUT BANDS FOR RESISTANCE. You are doing these exercises standing. As standing allows you to have your ‘CORE’ engaged as you do different exercises. Standing allows you inner and outer legs to be engaged while you do your arm exercises.

Yes, you can find some of these exercised in a Gym no doubt. The advantage with Chris is having someone there that is geared to helping you develop a program for you. I had 40% movement of my right arm due to the damage to my right shoulder popping out of the socket. It healed but I did not know how to strengthen it for movement. After 10 weeks with Chris, I have 90% movement. I would have not been able to understand what to do to accomplish that on my own.


All these things you can read all day long on the internet. I know, I’ve read and investigated all of it.

The one thing all diets suggest is to do EXERCISE along with it. That was where I totally failed losing weight while gaining flexibility and especially gaining ‘CORE STRENGTH’.

This was another Huge Plus working with Chris. Chris has an exceptional body development. He is a Marine. Was a competitive bodybuilder, powerlifter, and Mixed Martial Artist.

He knows the supplements one needs for conditioning. It just depends on how deep down the ‘Rabbit Hole’ you want to go. We’ve had many conversations on diet. He understands those that are Diabetic. I’ve discussed ‘EATING CLEAN’, what vitamins to take, what protein shakes you may be interested in. How to Fast if going on that 16 – 8 cycle fits for you. Understand there are many ways to do his. Chris’s help just visiting with me on the different thing he has done, what he’s seen work for different people and suggesting what I try day to day and week to week as we went through the 10 week program all set you up to have a very good understanding how to maintain your new body, on your own, after you’ve completed the program.

In the end, I lost 25 pounds. I regained the strength I had when I was 40. I have much more core strength & stability than I did at 40. I’ve regained the golf swing I had when I was 40 all due to Chris’s personal attention to me.

Whether you are an older golfer or just an old fart like me. Chris has a program for you regardless of the condition you are in.

I can’t recommend this program more. I’ve been through it and it’s totally changed my life.

I just know in my heart it will change yours too.

I never thought I’d be a before and after model but here I am folks. This is after just 10 short weeks.

I’ve dropped 25 pounds in this picture,

Gone down from 44 waists to 37, 8 full inches off my waist.

I’m at the first notch in my favorite western belt & stopped wearing XL shirts to hide my belly.

I have not been with Chris now in almost a month & stepped on the scales this morning and I’m at 200.

I have 5 more pounds to hit my goal when we started.

I’ve made a complete lifestyle change that I’ll keep forever now.

I highly recommend this program for anyone young or old.
But for us older guys. If your belly has done lapped over your belt as mine had. If you had to scoot up on the front of the sofa or chair so you can get your feet under you before you attempt to stand up as I did.

Then give Chris a call @ 214-457-9684 and tell him you want to take Dalton’s place on the Schedule at 7:00 AM

Sincerely, Thanks a million, Chris. I could have never done it without you.

Dalton McCrary.

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