Golf Fitness Quick stretch to increase your hip mobility

Golf Fitness Quick stretch to increase your hip mobility


Increase Your Driving Distance Off the Tee With Greater Hip Mobility


The importance of sport-specific fitness has been well established and Golf is no different.  Over the past decade the best players in the world have improved their performance by improving their bodies.  These golfers have proven the notion that golf-specific fitness can help improve golf performance and most importantly prevent injury.

Golf swings come in many angles, paths, planes and tempos, but one of the biggest issues that will rob us of power and distance is lack of hip mobility.

How do your hips work in the golf swing?  For a right-handed golfer, the right hip needs to be able to rotate properly from take away to the top of the back.  With limited hip rotation in the backswing, golfers will often compensate by swaying away from the ball or by lifting up during the backswing (loss of posture)

At impact, and to the follow through position of the golf swing, the right- handed golfer needs a proper amount of hip rotation in the left hip in order to post, or finish properly. If rotation is limited, we will often see a “slide” toward the ball.  Both of these swing faults are the result of physical limitations which cause the inconsistent shots, and loss of distance.

The Titleist Performance Institute found through a golf-fitness assessment, that the normal hip internal rotation on the PGA Tour is over 45 degrees.

Interestingly, more golfers are suffering from a greater risk of hip restriction and injury today, than golfers in the past.  Gradual loss of hip mobility is a result of sitting for longer periods of time at work, old injuries, and just getting older.

Getting good range of motion back in your hips should be a prime goal of any golfer. The only problem is that this is no easy task. Usually manual therapy, combined with exercises that force the hip to go through a full range of motion tends to be the best treatment.

Here is a great exercise that will help get better motion in your hips. I call it seated 90/90:

Seated 90/90

This is a great stretch which is beneficial for the hips, lower back, hamstrings, thighs.  You’ll find in doing this stretch that it will help wherever you are tightest. Sit as pictured with 90 degree angles to hips, knees, and feet, so back calf is parallel to front foot, and front calf is parallel to back thigh and foot (hence the name “90-90”, right angles everywhere). Two directions of stretch will be out over the front knee (hold for 10 seconds) and then to the side. Then switch to the other leg and repeat. Make sure, however, that instead of rounding over the knee or foot, you press your chest forward and buttocks away, to maximize the stretch for hips and legs rather than lower back.

Your golf instructor can fix your ball flight, your golf fitness instructor will fix your movement and swing efficiency therefore greater consistency.

Before any golfer begins a sport-specific performance program, I highly recommend a golf fitness assessment that tests extensively your range of motion, strength, balance and flexibility. Once the evaluation is completed, you will have a better understanding of which physical limitations are directly affecting your swing efficiency and golf performance.

After assessing the “total picture” of your body, I then recommend a golf-specific fitness program to help you optimize your golf performance. A regular golf-fitness exercise program will not only improve your game but is absolutely necessary for maintaining good health.

It’s time to take advantage of the upcoming months, get your golf fitness assessment today!

When it comes to improving your body for a better golf game, you need an upfront golf fitness assessment. The blueprint it provides shows your specific needs, and it sets up the game plan that, when performed on a routine basis, in a short period of time (such as 8 weeks.) large improvements can be seen in movement efficiency resulting in increased swing efficiency and consistency, less pain, more distance and lower scores

Healthier Body = Better Game!

Chris Ownbey

Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

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