Pre Round Stretching Routine for golf with TPI certified Chris Ownbey

Fellow golfer,

Do you know of any sport where the athletes do not warm up before playing?  Baseball players stretch and then take batting and infield practice. Basketball players stretch, then do lay ups followed by a shoot around.  Ski racers stretch, then ski a few runs, then walk the course and then stretch again before the race.  What do all these sports have in common?
Stretching! Golf is a sport, and we are athletes too, but most golfers do the opposite, they hit balls to warm up, when we all know we should warm up before hit balls….
Amateurs just grab a leg and pull it back, or twist from side to side  thinking that’s enough!
(IF they do anything at all…)
As you’ll see in the video below, it’s crazy how powerful the RIGHT stretch routine can be to help increase your flexibility, which leads to increased core strength, which of course leads to longer drives, and MOST IMPORTANTLY…lower golf scores. (And isn’t that what we all really want?)
Click the link below and watch this power-packed 2 minute warm up that you need to implement TODAY:
Talk soon,
Chris Ownbey
The Golf Fitness Guy

“ Flexibility –  Consistency –  Distance – Is One Step Away!”

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If you are looking for a certified golf fitness coach who cares and who can help you get results, then

Chris is your guy.”

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