Fitness for golf: Real or Just Hype?


Is there a difference between a general fitness routine and a routine specific to golf
Your body is your most valuable piece of golf equipment you own, no equipment breakthroughs, no magical flying golf balls, no electrically charged bracelets will take the place of what a proper Golf Fitness Program can and will do for your game.
How many times have you made the turn into the back nine and felt tired and fatigued. Typically at this point you physically start to break down, you start to lose focus, and your next thought is tee off and hope for the best, and get to the next hole as fast as possible with as little damage as possible.
How does fitness training for golf differ from going to the gym and exercising on the machines? I’ve seen many programs on the net that say they are golf workouts for golfers. What I usually see is pictures of a guy sitting on a machine in a gym trying to isolate A muscle to make it bigger. This is not considered golf-specific training. Another thing I see is a strength-only, or a stretching-only program. In your golf fitness program you will experience a combination of both, a balance, equal amount of strength and flexibility together. The golf swing requires both strength and proper flexibility to be able to repeat a sound mechanically swing with power and consistencTo summarize, the easier and farther your upper body can turn, and the less your lower body turns, the better, more powerful, your swing is…but you need the proper mobility with equal amount of stability to achieve this …. Period!
Choosing this golf fitness program that is specific to the golf swing and induces a transfer of training effect onto the golf course is best.
Weight training and working out could be your missing link, if it is done correctly and IS specific to your sport. The wrong choice in the type of training program, exercise selection, could hinder your golf game.

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