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A Key Factor in Maximizing Your Game

Testimonials to golf fitness are seen all over the television. It’s talked about on the practice tee and in the clubhouses. Why is there so much talk about golf fitness? Is it really that important?

Do you want to know what’s keeping you from playing your best golf?  It’s might not be your equipment.  At least not the equipment in your golf bag. It’s your body. In other words, your body is your most valuable piece of golf equipment you have , and unless you take care of it and prepare it, your body may let you down when you need it the most.

Golf is a little late, but it is catching on.

Take a look at the number of professional golfers who have given credit to their fitness programs for their ongoing success. Tiger Woods is meticulous when it comes to his physical preparation. Annika credits her consistency and power by adding 15 lbs ,  she is 14% leaner and drives 25 yards longer.  Bob Estes and Brad Faxon have become workout zealots. Cristie Kerr broke in the top 10 after turning her size 16 to a size 2.

So Yes! What was once the exception is becoming the rule, especially as we see the success of motivated talented players who practice fitness training.

Now how to get started? You’ve got several options. Pursue a local fitness professional who works with golfers and really understands the mechanics of the swing and how the muscles work. Get a book on golf fitness at your bookstore. There are several out there. Just make sure you can put together a good program from the content of the book. Or get online and do a search for golf fitness programs. Or you can call the Golden Bear Golf Center in Carrollton texas.

You probably already have a swing coach, and NOW you have “Your Golf Fitness Coach!” 

What if you’ve never exercised before?

Not to worry.  My golf conditioning programs are individualized to your specific  needs and goals.

Whether you’re beginning your first golf conditioning program or have been exercising for years, the program adapts to you.

Take the first step and give us a call to “Winterize your golf game”

Chris Ownbey


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