Golf fitness training for the player 55 and over

Golf fitness training for the player 55 and over

Golf fitness for the 55+ player

I regularly prepare golf fitness program the 55+ player. senior individuals of age 55 or above, who often grumble about lost distance and rising handicaps, being a Golf Fitness Specialist. People of this age think that if that if they gain a few yards, they will get back the same potential ability as they had before. In fact, the score decreases just because of loss of distance.


People of such old age suffer from Sarcopenia-loss of muscle mass which is the main reason behind inflexibility and powerlessness.  Sacropenia occurs because of inadequate fitness measure such as walk and regular practice. Even such people are unable to complete a course because of tiredness. In the last 4 to 5 holes, arms and legs are fatigued which has a worse effect on the game as well.

Training Routine for Old Age Players:

I prefer training which includes:

  • 3 days weight/flexibility training/ week
  • 3 days aerobic/ balance training/ week

For the golf game, the wellness of health is as important as the training. So in developing training activities, there is general strength training routine in which exercises are performed by these people which is essential in the golf practices as well as for human health. I start the TPI functional screening. The results set the plan for the next 8 weeks.  Men I work with have seen improvement in their physical and core strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. The work in the gym will transfer to more consistency, more distance and have more energy throughout the round.

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