SARCOPENIA in the aging and the seasoned GOLFER WILL impact DISTANCE AND overall performance in LIFE & SPORT.

SARCOPENIA  GOLFfitness and loss of distance and speed in life and sport

Sarcopenia is a fact and reality of existence.

However, it can be dealt with.

Sarcopenia, which impacts both males and females, is the medical term for ‘AGEING’.

It generally starts after the age of 30 and as much as 3% to 8% of muscle mass could be lost per decade for inactive people. That percent will increase to 5% to 10% after the age of 50, which amounts to approximately 1 lb. of muscle every yr.

Inactive accounts for approximately 40% of people between the ages of 45 and 64, as per AARP, and 60% for individuals over 64. Playing golf does not satisfy the “active status” requirement essential to fight this circumstance as you’ll soon study.

Lack of muscle tissues is of result because it equates to a loss of strength, mobility, power production, and stability. Decrease body muscle mass has a tendency to have extra strength loss than those within the upper body. Though, both will impact your quality of lifestyles and your golf game.

What’s extraordinarily relevant is that most of the muscle atrophy is seen within the fast-twitch, type II muscle fibers vs. the slow-twitch, type I. Of the 2 kinds, rapid-twitch muscle fibers are liable for short, explosive actions which include while sprinting or swinging a golf club. Loss of these, extra than probably will bring about a deterioration of overall performance which includes lack of distance because of a slower clubhead velocity, that’s a common complaint amongst getting old golfers.

even as inactiveness plays a prime role within the loss of muscles, numerous different elements play a part within the development of sarcopenia which includes age-associated modifications in the neuromuscular system (brain-body connection), the rate of muscle protein synthesis, and a lower within the concentrations of a few hormones.

SARCOPENIA GOLFfitness and loss of distance  in the aging and the seasoned GOLFER WILL impact DISTANCE AND overall performance in LIFE & SPORTS

golf fitness chris ownbey
golf fitness chris ownbey

The prevention and remedy for sarcopenia is a workout, particularly resistance or power training exercise that places an overload at the muscles. As a matter of reality, resistance training has been proven to definitely have an effect on all of the factors related to the development of sarcopenia simply mentioned.

the senior male was Research shows that a properly designed, revolutionary power training program complements the brain-body connection through increasing the firing rates of motor neurons, which are the units accountable for sending indicators between the brain and body. This improves muscle fiber recruitment which results in quicker muscle contractions and extra force production. To be able to assist maintain or regain clubhead speed and distance down the fairway.

Resistance training has additionally been proven to improve protein synthesis in as low as 2 weeks of supervised training, thereby enhancing muscle regeneration and slowing the rate of muscle loss.

What’s important is that the layout of the resistance training program is suitable for the person. Elements that need to be taken into consideration consist of:

  • The modern fitness level
  • Age
  • Physical limitations
  • Joint issues- replaced hips, knees or shoulders

Similarly, a bodily assessment performed through a licensed golf fitness instructor prior to the beginning of the program will offer an image of the golfer’s readiness for golf. This information is useful in figuring out workout choice and layout.

Understand that the golf fitness program has to first:

  • Constantly focus on correcting the anatomical deficiencies recognized within the evaluation.
  • Strength and stability exercises can then be brought to enhance playing overall performance even as stopping and partly reversing the effect of sarcopenia.
  • ******Ultimately, pace exercises (timed training)need to be included so that you can, in addition, enhance recruitment of the quick-twitch muscle fibers.

It’s clear to look at why development through all levels of the golf fitness program is even extra important to the aging golfer. No question, improving the range of movement and flexibility, even cardio.

Sarcopenia is a fact and reality of existence.

However, it can be dealt with.

We have seen clients reverse the curse with our proprietary 30 minutes system in 60 days with a minimum twice per week and sooner with 3 to 4 days a week.


If your ability to move better, feel better, play better and live better let’s discuss how I may be able to assist you in achieving that goal today.


Chris Ownbey

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