Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas

Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas

TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor in Dallas Tx
* TPI Golf fitness assessments

Your Job is to play golf, my job is to prepare your body for your best golf possible.

There are 3 main fitness components for golf to play your best.
These are all equally important and should not be ignored in a training program specific to golf.
The golf swing requires, no demands a high level of golf-specific strength, flexibility, balance.

If any of these qualities are lacking, your golf swing will be inefficient and nearly impossible to repeat.
The golf swings is very athletic. Before you begin a fitness routine for golf. Be sure to go to MY TPI to find a golf fitness trainer in your area.

Golf Fitness Trainer In Dallas

If you are looking for a golf fitness trainer in Dallas, Chris Ownbey is the go-to golf fitness guy. He offers online, mentorship and private sessions. Chris Ownbey golf fitness trainer in Dallas website is here.

The out of shape golfer might hit a solid shot or two during a round of golf, but the lack of consistency is for ever-present.
When a golfer hits that shot, it gives them the false hope that they can do it more frequently if they only go and hit more balls and take more lessons.
This is the farthest thing from the truth.
Without the above fitness components, your swing will NEVER be consistent, nor will you ever have power, speed, and distance.
These are harsh words, but they are also truthful words.
Golf is athletic! Athletes work on their bodies to reach their true potential. Why wouldn’t you?

A golf fitness trainer in Dallas

Treat yourself like a golf athlete, find your self a golf fitness trainer in Dallas and start focusing on the physical aspect of the game and not the technical.
The technical will fall right into place with your newfound fitness for golf abilities.

Strength– It takes both core strength and physical strength to maintain golf posture and to rotate your upper body powerfully into the ball.
A lower level of golf specific strength will result in difficulty with posture and stability on the downswing.


Flexibility is a must to achieve a full backswing with no muscular tension. Lack of flexibility creates tension in your golf swing, robbing you of clubhead speed and distance.


Have you ever fallen out of balance during a swing? Everyone has…but why then do golfers ignore balance training for a better swing?
Improved balance creates a consistent and very powerful swing for 18 holes.
Improve your game by Implementing a golf fitness program You will get you REAL results…and fast!

Quick facts:

Lack of flexibility is the #1 cause of frustration, and loss of distance and accuracy in your golf game.


Amateur golfers will lose 20% to 50% or more past age 50.

FACT # 2

This Loss of flexibility will transfer to the course as distance loss of the tee with their drives and inconsistency with the irons.

FACT # 3

Every person out their can increase their flexibility with the correct stretches no matter what the age. This increased flexibility with help gets into the positions your golf pro needs for you to get into. Increase your driving distance and accuracy, play more golf pain-free.

Making time for yourself for your personal health is crucial in the modern era but a thing called “Life” gives us reasons for not working out or eating as healthy as we should. We have a solution.
My job is to do a complete physical assessment, then develop a plan to help you move better, feel better and live better. I will provide the accountability, experience, and guidance, all you need to do is take action.
Looking to improve your health, you need a combination of weight training, making better food choices, cardio for heart and a positive mental attitude.
We offer 30 Minute workouts for general fitness and golf to keep you in the game of life and sport.
Contact me with any questions. 214 457 9684

Chris Ownbey is a Certified Golf Fitness Trainer in Dallas and owner of Golf fitness Dallas.

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