How many times have you started a new golf season with very high scores, short drives and aches and pains? Am I talking to you? Let’s be honest: It happens more times than you’d like. If you are like most of us, you tend to spend the winters being sedentary.  Do yourself a favor. As winter is here and you find your golf season coming to an end, focus on Golf fitness for a better game in the spring.


Golf is athletic! And we are athletes. Name a sport that does not have an off-season.  These athletes work on their bodies through fitness during the off-season to reach their true potential on game day. Why wouldn’t you?
There are three main physical fitness components every golfer must have to play his best. To be a successful player at the golf game, you need flexibility, core strength and balance. These are all equally important and should not be ignored in your off-season golf fitness training program.
Core Strength:

This includes core strength and rotary strength. It takes core strength to maintain good golf posture and to rotate your upper body powerfully into the ball.
For incredible rotary strength, try golf fitness standing band rotation twists: Perform 10 reps 2x

  • Stand down the line from weight machine.
  • Grasp the band with both hands. Now, straighten your arms and rotate your torso to the right. Imagine keeping everything connected. Use your big muscles to pull to the backswing, then repeat to the front and rotate to the left to a complete follow through.


Mobility in the upper torso is a must to achieve a full backswing with no muscular tension. Lack of upper body mobility creates tension in your golf swing, robbing you of club head speed and distance.
Try a golf fitness rubber band torso turn. Perform 10 reps 2x

  • Stand right side down the line with band in left hand
  • Make a 180 degree turn.
  • Turn your torso where you can look over right shoulder and see right foot. You should feel the load in the right glute.
  • Now take the right shoulder inside the fight ankle. This will correct early extension and load the left glute. Repeat 10 reps
  • Repeat on both sides.


Golf wood chop vs. General Fitness wood chop

Unlike the general fitness wood chop which creates the improper movement pattern of coming over the top. The golf fitness wood chop will create the proper movement pattern.

  • With cable in hand. Stand in your six iron stance
  • Make a backswing where you can look over and see right foot. This will load right glute.
  • On the downswing, bring the right shoulder down inside your right ankle. This will load left glute.

The weight should be light enough to Perform 10 reps 2x on both sides

Don’t let your clubs get dusty and forget about your game during the winter or off-season…

It’s no fun to come off the course feeling spent when you could have energy to spare. You have between 2-3 months to greatly improve your strength, flexibility and balance. It would be the wisest thing to do to winterize your game – today for a better game tomorrow.

Now that the holidays are over my clients and friends are asking for a short program that can shake off their holiday cobwebs and get them ready to enjoy their first round in the Spring. As Jack Nicklaus once said, “The best way to have fun playing golf is to play well.” Let me put together a program to do that for you. My goal is for you to hit memorable shots in the first round you play in April. The excitement of seeing those shots will bring you back to play and practice more. Those two, plus taking care of yourself physically, will be your key to better and better golf in 2017.

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Healthy Body = Better Game!

20 years in the golf and fitness industry.

Certified golf fitness instructor through the Titleist Performance Institute

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