Bigger shoulder turn / Reduce upper back pain in golf

Today on Chris Ownbey’s golf fitness teaching Thursday.

How can you develop the most efficient golf swing? That’s probably a question that almost all of us want to know.

We all have certain physical capabilities.

golf fitness dallas
golf fitness dallas

According to TPI Golf requires flexibility in all parts of the body. Tight muscles restrict and slow down the motion needed to effectively swing the golf club and as we age. Muscles aren’t as naturally flexible as they were in earlier years. That means golfers must work harder just to maintain the same level of flexibility they had in their younger days.

Making a proper shoulder turn is impossible if your shoulder muscles, chest muscles, upper back muscles are too tight. The backswing is a turn of the upper body (thoracic) around the lower body (lumbar region). Increased thoracic mobility makes the proper turn possible.

Bigger shoulder turn / Reduce upper back pain in golf

Try these simple band stretch and improve your shoulder turn and your game:

Did you know as you get older, your flexibility and mobility will decrease over time?

Without proper stretching, your upper back gets tight because of the tight muscles in the front.

Today we go over how to use the band to open up the chest to reduce upper back pain plus allowing you to increase your shoulder turn for a complete backswing.

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