I highly recommend Chris Ownbey’s golf Fitness Programs. It is a fun yet challenging class. I have improved my balance, flexibility, increased distance, and become more consistent. So far, I have lowered my handicap by 4 strokes through a combination of lessons and this class over the past 9 mths. Lower back and neck pain have are virtually nonexistent for me now. Wish I would have been able to get involved years ago.

Russ Mcarron 12 handicap


RESULTS – That is what I experienced working with Chris Ownbey in 6 weeks, 12 sessions, 42 days. I am a 66 year old man who had a 31 inch waist when I married my wife over 35 years ago. I kept myself in reasonable shape but when I started working with Chris my size 34 pants were getting snug and I my mobility had deteriorated to the point that putting on my socks and cutting my toenails became somewhat of a problem. My belly fat was interfering with my life and I decided to do something about it.

I am now wearing size 32 jeans. The last time this had happened I was in my forty’s and was training to run 10-K races. Nine pounds of ugly belly fat has disappeared. Chris is an avid golfer who understands the golf swing and what muscles need to be strengthened and have flexibility to execute a proper golf swing. More importantly, he can explain the elements that create a good swing and what specific exercises and training aids will help his students hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.

I am thrilled with my new younger, stronger and more flexible body (as is my wife) and would encourage anyone seeking better fitness and lower golf scores to see Chris immediately.

Gary Tomas

This is a great golf specific fitness program. My golf has never been better, and I can hit shots I haven’t been able to hit in 15 years. Added bonus: I feel better. I cant remember the last time I touched my toes- I did it the very first class! We start with some unique stretches, then do some golf specific drills that have helped me regain the feel of good golf swing. The class is taught by a pro.

Gary Brown


Hi Chris! Hope all is well with you. My makeover has been amazing. Lean, strong, more energy! Back to where I wanted to be.Golf game improving steadily also. Can’t thank you enough for getting me back on track. Best investment of time and money I’ve made in a long time.

Tim Lyons
Hagger clothing, President of sales


I started working out with Chris Ownbey, a TPI-Certified Fitness Instructor, once a month. Before each workout, he goes to the Golftec website to view my most recent lesson with Rick. During the workout, he has me do exercises designed to reinforce the same techniques that Rick has been going over. This has accelerated the learning process, because I can do exercises at home every day that incorporate my most recent Golftec lesson into my exercise routine, allowing me to break old swing habits much faster than if I was only working on my swing once a week at the range or the course. Having a golf professional and a fitness instructor who are on the same page has really helped.



I’ve had approximately 8 other trainers in my life and what Chris knows would exceed the sum of all of them. He has an acute ability to identify problem areas in one’s body and a seemingly endless number of ways to address every issue from strength, flexibility or balance standpoint, and his input regarding diet has proved very valuable to me. If you’ve never had a trainer before or if you are not getting the results you want from your current one, see Chris.
Paul Norris
PGA Professional
Year first hired: 2007 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Bob Samuel

“My instructor told me to take up ping pong because
I did not have the flexibility to make a golf swing, then
I shot 76”

Todd Spence

It’s Simple. No more back pain. It allowed me to win our club championship

Pete Pertan

No more back issues

With Chris's help.I won my club championship.

Todd Spence

I have increased my flexibilty dramatically with Chris Ownbey' Golf Fitness Program

Dr. Tom Stephens

I have more energy, I just feel better

Ernie Massie

Bruce Delaney